Dionisis Klavdianos

Academic Studies

University of the Aegean, Hermoupolis, Syros

Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering

5 years engineering diploma, http://www.syros.aegean.gr/en.aspx

Diploma Thesis

Engineering Diploma Thesis: "Ergonomic design of driver's and co-driver's posts for a city three wheeled vehicle".

Apart from its practical aim the thesis is exploring the utility of formal design theories and more particularly of “Axiomatic design” by applying it in the context of Ergonomics Design. The mechanical engineering design of the vehicle was developed in the school of Mechanical engineering of the National Technical University of Athens.

Professional Experience

Kelyphos Aqua Lab

July - August 2005

 Design & Construction

• Design and construction of Plexiglas aquariums using vacuum techniques
• Interior design for showroom and head-offices, technical design of plumping system of Water Inn  (aquarium / pet shop) in greater Athens
• Project management
• Graphic design of promotional banner

Bic Violex
November – January
2005 - 2006

R ‘n D department

• Design of new packaging for “Bic Advance” razing system.
• Design of ergonomic handle and accompanying extension for the razor “Twin Select”.
• Design of a “smart” system for razor head detachment / re-attachment from the main body.
• Design of a company wide treasure hunting game for inter-department bonding
• Construction of rapid prototypes of razor handles for ergonomics and functionality testing.

National Technical
University of Athens
February - June

School of Mechanical Engineering – Ergonomics lab (Ergo-U)

Demonstration of Mannequin Pro (3D anthropometrics design software) to mechanical
engineering students under the supervision of Prof Marmaras.

National Technical
University of Athens
October – November

School of Mechanical Engineering – Ergonomics lab (Ergo-U)

Ergonomic intervention in driver’s cabin of the Athens Tramway. The intervention
included field observations, video analysis, participatory design sessions, 3D
modeling of cabin and driver and re-design of seating and traction controls to
improve drivers’ body support and reduce left arm strain during driving.

November 2007 - Fpril

Ergonomic intervention and subsequent re-design of Vodafone shops furniture

The intervention included field observations and interviews for ergonomics risk
assessement, work analysis, equipment requirements etc. The redesign included the
• Service Desk
• Consultation Desk
• Consultation Desk (People with disabilities)
• Transaction Desk
• Employee and customer seating

Free Lance Projects

2001 – Today

Graphic design of logos, leaflets, catalogs, etc for (4) coffee shops in Hermoupolis

November 2001 – May

“Apopeira” monthly press

November – December

Design and Construction

Interior design and construction supervision for two shops (one beauty saloon and one
Coffee – Bar)


Amnesty International film festival
Poster Graphic Design


Diavlos Traiding
Packaging Design for Honey Brand “Melissa’s Ergon”


IANOS chain of bookstores
Design of promotional handbag concepts




Mother Language 

First Certificate in English (FCE)
Verbal skills Excellent

Design Software Skills

Design software

Graphic design software

Ergonomics software

Multimedia software

AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, 3dmax, Cinema, Poser, Bryce

Adobe Photoshop,  Illustrator

Manequinn Pro

Macromedia Director, Flash

Technical Skills


• Scale modeling (syrene, FIBRAN)
• Glass reinforced polyester
• Woodwork


Spring 2003
Rrize Giving Ceremony

2nd Prize Office furniture design competition
Executive office desk Guardiga 

1st distinction Office furniture design competition
Office system “Wing” & “Alt-View”

Extra Information

Fields of Interest

• Ergonomic Design
• 3d modeling
• Product design
• Transportation design
• Design for all
• Sports for all
• Graphic design, Illustration
• Furniture Design
• Presentation Design

Personal Information

Marital status

Military service
November 2006 -
November 2007


Department of Supply and Transportation

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