Dionisis Klavdianos was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1982. He studied industrial design at the University of Aegean, in the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering at Hermoupolis, Syros.

In 2004 he joins the Bic Violex Shavers R & D department for a 3 month placement. He designs blisters and shavers handles. At the same time he works on his diploma thesis in cooperation with the section of Ergonomics and Operational Research in the National Technical University of Athens, (NTUA). Subject of the diploma thesis: «Ergonomic design of driver’s and co-drivers posts for a city three wheeled vehicle». Apart from its practical aim the thesis is exploring the utility of formal design theories and more particularly of “Axiomatic design” by applying it in the context of Ergonomics Design. The mechanical engineering design of the vehicle was developed in the school of Mechanical engineering of the NTUA.

During the composition of the dissertation he works with Prof. Nikolao Marmarma and Dimitri Nathanael on projects such as Ergonomic intervention in driver’s cabin of the Athens Tramway and Ergonomic intervention and subsequent re-design of Vodafone shops furniture. He is also member of Hellenic Ergonomics Society.

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